Peru Finca Cinco Corazones

Peru Finca Cinco Corazones is a specialty coffee farm in Peru, located in the region of Chanchamayo-Junin.

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Peru Finca Cinco Corazones is a 135 hectare specialty coffee farm located in Villa Rica, Chanchamayo, Junín Peru.  

It is named Cinco Corazones (Five Hearts) after the original owner's five children.  Shared-X operations on the farm include paying an average wage of 14% above the national average, recent organic certification, and the ability to separate lots by altitude to maintain consistent flavor profiles.

The primary varieties grown on Finca Cinco Corazones are Bourbon, Gesha, H1, and Caturra, with all plants maintained to the level needed to grow a healthy Gesha tree!  This results in coffee with greater consistency, and amazing flavor/acidity profiles.

While the farm itself grows between 1100-1800 M, we have selected lots which represent the best harvest from 1500-1800 M.

Cinco Corazones coffees are UTZ certified and grown using organic practices.