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Peru Copaceyba

Peru Copaceyba is a specialty coffee cooperative in Peru, located in the region of Chanchamayo-Junin.

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Copaceyba is a specialty coffee cooperative located in Sanchiriro Palomar, in the Chanchamayo, Junín region.  Copaceyba is a Co-op working with Shared-X Impact Farming and benefiting from 50% higher than the market rate for cherry.  Working with Shared-X also provides Co-op members education on increasing crop yields, improved market access, fertilizers, and milling.

Coffee from the Copaceyba Co-op is grown at altitudes ranging between 1400-1800 M.  While most of the coffee grown by the Co-op is processed at Shared-X's Finca Matapalo Wet Mill and is fully washed, this year we are excited to offer 3 limited quantity honey process coffees:

  • Co-op Copaceyba Honey Typica: Lime, tropical fruit, sugar, vanilla, medium body, high acidity
  • Co-op Copaceyba Honey Caturra: Brown sugar, honey, malt, nutty, Medium body, high acidity
  • Co-op Copaceyba Honey Amarillo Caturra: Jasmine, lemon, malt, vanilla, mango, Medium body, high acidity  

These honey process coffees represent the best cherries of the final days of the 2019 harvest.

ETA: 30 March


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