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Peru Copaceyba

Peru Copaceyba is a specialty coffee cooperative in Peru, located in the region of Chanchamayo-Junin.

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Co Op Copaceyba is a specialty coffee cooperative located in Sanchirio Palomar, in the Chanchamayo, Junín region of Peru. Co-op members benefit from 50% higher price than the market rate for cherry. 

Working with Shared-X also provides Co Op members education on increasing crop yields, improved market access, fertilizers at no charge, and milling services.

Situated in the Junin region of Peru, coffee from Co Op Copaceyba is grown at altitudes ranging between 1400-1800 M. While not necessarily considered “shade-grown” coffee, shade trees do provide a profound part of the Copaceyba process, by providing passive fertilization via decomposing tree leaves. 

Copaceyba coffee is typically harvested from June through September. Co Op members primarily grow Typica, Caturra, and Caturra Amarillo.  We are pleased to offer these three coffees in very special honey processed microlots, representing best cherries picked during the final days of the 2019 harvest.


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July-Sept 2019

1352C, 1352T

30 March